Cloud-Based IT Infrastructure

Cloud solutions can be an excellent management option for all your IT infrastructure needs. Our teams of IT experts will help you analyze, select and implement the best model(s) for your organization’s needs.

Whether your infrastructure is hosted or local to your organization, proactive management of your infrastructure, such as your critical IT equipment and services, allows you to remain productive in the most important moments. Groupe TI’s managed services ensure your infrastructure and IT assets’ availability, stability, and security. We watch over your equipment and software to reduce the risk of breakdowns. In the event of an incident, we considerably reduce the time required to get your operations back up and running. Also, we contribute to extending the life of your infrastructure. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

Groupe TI is an expert in Microsoft Azure-managed infrastructure.

This cloud-based infrastructure (IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service) allows your IT staff to focus on their business without worrying about internal capacity or maintaining overtaxed or underutilized equipment. The Azure platform makes it quick and easy to deploy your current applications with little or no downtime, regardless of the size of your organization, while staying within your budget.

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  • Infrastructure Virtualization
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Audit and vulnerability scanning
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Remote monitoring and infrastructure management 
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